Kima15 by Kima Ventures

Raise $150,000 for your startup in 15 days!

Join the Kima Ventures family of over 200 companies and get access to over $240k in other perks.


$150 000

We invest US$150,000 in your startup; no more, no less. This should help you to launch the first version of your product and to test your initial hypothesis about the market before (potentially) raising more funding to grow the business. Due to the structure of our fund, our legal fees will be paid by the company after close of the investment, but are capped at US$4,000.


15 days

We understand the value of letting you get back to the important task of building your company as soon as possible, which is why our target is to get the funds on your bank account within 15 working days of you contacting us. We expect to be able to hit this target when the company is already incorporated with a standard structure.



We are investing in preferred shares of your company at a post-money valuation of US$1M, using our term sheet based on the standard Seedsummit documents. If you do not already have one, we will create an employee stock option plan (ESOP) of at least 5% prior to our investment. Kima Ventures will own 15% of the shares after the investment is completed.

Please read the term sheet, SLA and FAQ carefully before applying.

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Kima15 Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We are Kima Ventures launching Kima15, a new standard offer making it faster and easier for technology startups to raise seed funding. We...

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